Biggest Loser Competetion- Complete


When I first started my blog I made a post about my job doing a Biggest Loser Competition, you can read it here:

Anyway, we started with 7 girls, then dropped down to five within the first few weeks and at the end there are only 2 of us standing. It is so completely sad! But if there is one thing I have learned and taken away from this experience it is this: you cannot start until you are ready. Everyone else in the world can tell you to lose weight, but it is not going to happen unless you decide to. You cannot successfully lose weight to make other people happy, you can only lose weight if it is to make yourself happy. I struggled at times and did not end this competition the way I wanted to, but I am still here and that is more important to me than anything else. I made it through the good and the bad. At the end of this competition my total weight loss was: 16.5 pounds in 14 weeks. I started a week before everyone else did, so in total over the last 15 weeks I have lost 21.5 pounds. It has been slow and steady, I have succeeded and had set backs. But I have not lost over 15 pounds in one time before, so I am already doing better than I have before. My boss “won” the competition by a few pounds and is still on track, she is doing great! We are talking about having a new competition once things at work settle down and we don’t have anymore corporate visits. So I’ll keep you updated!


Weigh In Week 14 & 15


So, I just posted about what’s been going on lately, you can read it here:

Anyway, here is what you’ve missed:
Weigh In Week 14

Starting Weight: 264 pounds

Previous Weight: 239 pounds

Current Weight: 242 pounds

Goal Weight: 164 pounds

Gained 3 pounds, I was on my period, no big deal.


Weigh In Week 15

Starting Weight: 264 pounds

Previous Weight: 242 pounds

Current Weight: 242.5 pounds

Goal Weight: 164 pounds

Gained half a pound, off my period, now it’s a big deal.


Can I have a redo please?


These past almost 2 weeks have been absolutely horrible. To make a long story short here’s what happened: we had a death in the family, I found out someone I thought was my friend wasn’t, there is a ton of drama at work right now, we have corporate big wigs coming in the next few weeks and have been preparing for them and it has been one big mess after another, I have been working a ton, in the midst of all this I was on my period as well (tmi, don’t care) it was just one thing after another. Needless to say I fell off the wagon, gained some weight, didn’t exercise as much as I should and have been incredibly unhappy. So today I start fresh, today I start over. Redo button has been pressed and I am moving forward! I am starting my 30 Day Level Up challenge over, because I want to give it the dedication it deserves and I deserve. So new month, new goals, new challenges.

Level Up- 30 Day Challenge

I saw this challenge on someone else’s blog about a month ago and thought it would be a great challenge! I HATE squats and I HATE mountain climbers, so the best way to get over it is to make myself get over it. Oddly enough I LOVE Crunches and can do 100 in one sitting, so I am very excited to increase that number to 300 by the end of this challenge! My biggest fear is I will forget one day, because lets face it I have a life. I work, I’m married, I have my baby (my beautiful puppy) and a house to clean. So, needless to say I have a lot going through my mind. So, fingers crossed for remembering! Speaking of… I need to do Day 2’s work out. Happy Crunching (crunches haha crunching… ok I’m done! 🙂


30 Miles, 30 Days- Complete


41 Miles, 30 Days is over! I cannot believe how quickly 30 Days came and went! I definitely have noticed a HUGE difference in my legs, the muscles popping through everywhere is incredible! Some in places I never even thought I would have muscles! It has been awesome, but now it is time for a new challenge… coming soon! Here is my recap:

Week 1: 6 miles 🙂

Week 2: 15 miles 🙂

Week 3: 7 miles 🙂

Week 4: 10 miles 🙂

Last 2 Days: 3 miles 🙂

Finish Line: 41 miles 🙂

30 Miles, 30 Days- Week 4


So week 4 has ended, which means I only have 2 days left of my 30 days and drum roll please…. I have already walked 30 miles and then some! I knew I would pass the 30 miles this week, but seeing it and having it confirmed for me feels great! I cannot wait to see what I end my 30 days with! Happy Walking! 🙂

Week 1: 6 miles 🙂

Week 2: 15 miles 🙂

Week 3: 7 miles 🙂

Week 4: 10 miles 🙂